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Do I need a Native App or a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Who's using it? Native apps for long term users, PWA’s for one time or occasional users. E.g, If you’re booking a plumber you wouldn’t want to download an app, you just want to use a slick PWA to get them in. If you're expecting long-term retention and flawless use such as for video editing or regular bookings or utility, a native is app is what you need. Features available?

If your app requires access to a wide range of device features, such as the camera, GPS, or accelerometer, then a native app is probably the better choice. Native apps have access to all the capabilities of the device, and they can provide a more seamless and integrated user experience. Additionally, if you need to create a high-performance app that runs smoothly and quickly, a native app may be the way to go.

On the other hand, if your goal is to make your app as widely accessible as possible, with minimal friction for users, then a progressive web app might be the better choice. PWAs can be accessed through a browser, so users don't have to go through the process of downloading and installing an app from an app store. Additionally, PWAs can be used offline, which is especially useful for users with limited or unreliable internet access. Not as reliable as a fully offline native app. Another advantage of PWAs is that they are easy to share and discover. They can be shared via a link, and they can be indexed by search engines which makes it easy for users to discover them.

In summary, if you need to access device features, high performance, and a seamless experience go for native mobile apps. If you want to make your app widely accessible, easy to share and discover, and usable offline, then a progressive web app might be the better choice. Costs? Progressive Web Apps tend to cost less and are perfect for MVPs. We can build you these as well as advanced globally ready native apps. Can I have both? Yes! Airbnb or eBay would be examples of where using both is desirable. Building in React is the way forward! Still unsure? We'll happily advise on what your best option is. Build an App with


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