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Wise App Pre-launch Marketing Strategies - Get a head start

So your app is in the works? Great! Let's say there's around 2 months before you're going live...what can you do in the meantime? There's a lot. And it involves paying it forward! The subtle marketing work you do in this phase will give you a huge boost and head start when it comes to reaching your audience or working with the people of your dreams. 1. Build brand awareness! - Sort you socials Let's assume you have an initial go and some brand identity. Let's catch the social handles! Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Linkedin. Create enough content on each to fill a page when a user first lands. E.g. top 9 posts on Instagram. Perhaps you can tease some app screens and highlight the problem you're solving. You'll be working with the Social pages shortly.... 2. Engage with your Audience, Influencers & Journalists Now you've got your accounts it's time to engage with your desired audience. Like & comment on posts! Be funny! - Getting humorous comments on viral posts and rack up a lot of attention and take seconds to do. Write valuable tips! Engage with the influencers or organisations you want to work with. Repot their content when you can. Use these new brand accounts instead of personal to fulfil your scrolling and social media needs. Except this time you're laying the foundations for higher awareness on launch. Your brand will start to build a following pre-launch and have begin building reputation based on value you're putting out pre-product. By engaging and supporting accounts of the people you want to work with when you're eventually live, when you send that first DM or email you will be thanking yourself for that early graft! This is schmoozing. Schmooze as early as you can! Ofcourse be genuine with it all too. Particularly with journalists and influencers who can be impossible to hear back from. Give journalists exclusive looks and insight into your plans. Strike when you're ready. 3. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche Build a reputation for having a solid understanding in the area you're about to take on. Write about the industry trends and problems. You may already be an expert! That's perfect, carry on! But sometimes we venture into world a little disconnected from ourselves. Build a hair of writing about it. Post on Linkedin and a blog from your apps website. Target writing once or twice a week. 4. Build PERSONAL BRAND This is it. The more you write and put out, the more you build your personal brand. Where's a personal brand valuable? Raising money. There will highly likely be a point in your journey where you start raising further funds. Who do investors want to invest in? People that know their industry and people they recognise. So get posting! 5. Build your Website & Create a Waiting list Clear landing page with brand and the problem you're solving with a join waiting list button and links to social. Use something like Wix to get it up fast. 6. Build SEO with a Blog Include a Blog in your website and start writing! Creating content is one of the only forms of marketing that can work for you in your sleep. If you write a banger that's going to put a consistent stream of organic traffic your way isn't that fantastic. Can you write at least 2 articles a week? Use Google Keyword planner to check what people are searching for in your domain to plan content accordingly.

Always include your brand name within these.
7. Make TikToks & Reels

Be brave you can do this! Introduce yourself and start making some very brief content around your niche. Stop caring what people think. As long as you're putting value out you cannot go wrong. This is the future of marketing. Video content. A KEY benefit of making some of these yourself is starting to understand how it works. You'll also end up having to send briefs to creators down the line. If you're able to simply share a video you've made of what you'd like improved or re-created then you will save a TONNE of time. It's easier than ever to make simple slick video content. 8. Vlog your journey!

This is a bold one but why not record such an exciting and unique time in your life? This is content that could be highly highly valuable in the future. There's an app for that! Reelshot Conclusion

Don't twiddle your thumbs waiting for developers to finish your app. Get to work! This pre-launch time can be incredibly useful when you start paying things forward, putting out content, building brand awareness and letting people know why YOU are the person to help solve their problems and invest in. Immerse yourself in the audience you're about to serve and enjoy engaging with them. It won't be such a cold start once you're ready to go. ************** By Are you making a mobile app? I'd love to help! ************** More Essential Reading for App Founders:

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