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25 years. 4 months. 11 days.

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Worldwide renewable energy data

Universally accessible. For everyone. In real-time.

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Local or Global Overviews

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Keep track of the worlds progress on renewable energy.

Be there for all the milestones.


What is World Net Zero?

A universally accessible countdown to the moment the world reaches Net Zero.

Worldwide real-time data on renewable energy presented by beautiful and easily installed widgets alongside an app and website.

Imagine that final moment we witness the world going fully renewable collectively. 

Prior to that moment we can display alternative countdowns and key milestones.

You decide what data you want to keep track of.


To build collective optimism, manifest the shift to net zero and apply that pressure where desperately needed.

This is not another doomsday clock, it's presenting the vision to reach the historical moments of net zero with positivity, globally.

Broader transparency can spark action. With increased awareness there will be increased pressure, encouraging the change we need.

Old and young audiences are in need of a modern way to keep track.

Why now?

Collating this data is all possible today. Milestones are often being hit.

Some countries are already taking the lead with historical progress.

E.g. EU renewables overtaking fossils.


Future opportunities?

Following on from data presentation as a key driver, there's opportunities to educate around renewables, display the potential for green output in specific areas and promote calls to action to speed up the process.

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There will be a pivotal moment in time.

One that impacts the entire planet.

It will be placed on earth’s timeline amongst the revolutions and eras.

The dawn of a new age.

We can be there at the precise historical time it happens.

A world can unite with a collective vision.

For a better planet.

Join the countdown.

Manifest the change.

Share the moment.

World Net Zero.

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They're important...

Let's anticipate, track and celebrate them.

Join the countdown



Accelerating the global electricity transition from coal to clean

Breakdown of renewables in the energy mix

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