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I love simplifying the complex through beautiful design, working with ambitious founders, talented teams and connecting the dots of well thought out platforms. I get things done.

nate about projects that have a positive social impact whilst inspiring creativity.

Proudly received Worldwide features by Apple and been a guest speaker on the App Masters Podcast.

I help
clarify USP’s, challenge decisions and advise on validation strategy and monetisation going forward to ensure a crystal clear vision of a product.

I write knowledge fuelled articles on the app world to help you learn from my personal experiences as a founder.

In tech since 2009.



D2C Apps and end-to-end platforms including the native app side and all the content management systems and owner admin portals. The whole package.

I've launched three
 totally unique iOS apps with never before seen UX. Thinking differently and executing on vision with my team is what I adore doing. Creating anything truly original.

Areas I've worked in: Booking systems, Camera & Mobile Video tech,  Geo-tech, Food Ordering & Delivery, Dating, Influencer Marketing, Networking, Photo Management, Fitness, Restaurants, QR code management, Recycling and Music.

As a founder myself, I understand the typical challenges we can face and am here to support all clients as a partner for the long term on the journey.

Reeltime Apps Founder

A funded company focusing on beautifully simple, innovative and fun apps in the content space.

Reelshot - Effortlessly Make Vlogs & Recaps

Photosweep - The fastest way to manually sort your camera roll

I love this space. For me it's about reliving memories, capturing the beauty of the planet and helping document what's uniquely important to people.

I worked in Film & TV for 4 years which gave me an insight into film-making at the highest level. How far can we take film-making for the mobile user?

As our mobile's camera and processing abilities continuously improve, the apps and the experiences we offer must improve with them.

The Reeltime Apps portfolio will aim to inspire positive impact within all users through creation and collaboration.

I'm also a co-founder of 
UK Zero Track the UK's energy status in real-time and our progress towards clean energy. Our mission is to create a countdown to the moment the world goes net zero.

I'm deeply passionate about the planet and am proud to be doing my part by doing what I do best. Making apps with talented teams!

By pairing data with action we hope to speed up the transition for a cleaner planet.

Have a Project?

Let's make it happen.

Ideation, UXUI, Software Development & End-to-End Mobile App Consultancy

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