Truly passionate about projects that have a positive social impact whilst inspiring creativity.

I love simplifying the complex through beautiful design, working with ambitious founders, talented teams and connecting the dots of well thought out platforms.

Proudly received Worldwide features by Apple and been a guest speaker on the App Masters Podcast.

I help
clarify USP’s, challenge decisions and advise on validation strategy and monetisation going forward to ensure a crystal clear vision of a product.

Design Style

Minimal, frictionless, modern, fun.

Simple and intuitive that’s playful and fluid with the brand and objectives.



My forte is end-to-end platforms comprising of consumer and business facing native apps which include web based content management systems and owner admin portals. The whole package.

Booking systems, Mobile Video,  Geo-tech, Food Ordering & Delivery, Dating, Influencer Marketing, Networking, Photo Management, Fitness, Geo-tech, Restaurants, QR code management, Recycling and Music.

As a startup founder myself, I understand the typical challenges we can face and am here to
support all clients as a partner for the long term on the journey.

Reeltime Apps Founder

A funded company focusing on beautifully simple, innovative and fun apps in the content space.

As our mobile's camera and processing abilities continuously improve, the apps and the experiences we offer must improve with them.

Ultimately the Reeltime Apps portfolio will aim to inspire positive impact within all users through creation and collaboration.

Get in touch to find out more.

Personal Projects

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Reeltime Apps
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Real-time Video Editing

Featured Worldwide by Apple
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 We want to empower creators with all the tools they need to make high quality, collaborative content, fast.

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Reeltime Apps

Launching end 2021

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PinPoint Maps
Collaborative mapping, made simple.

Built in React Native  l  Members of Geovation  l  Launching summer 2021

First Roots Logo

Direct-to-fan Music Platform for Underground Artists

A digital direct-to-fan platform to help independent and underground musicians grow their audiences organically using geo-tracking and social media.

Partnered with Surrey University and the Association of Independent Music.

The platform was my first startup which reached Beta phase in 2012 before the streaming revolution.

Gained a place on the Rackspace Startup Programme and the London Accelerator Network.

Bagsintrees - Mapping plastic bag pollution around the world


Mapping Plastic Bag Pollution around the World.

A fun community and initiative which raised awareness towards single use plastics by mapping plastic bag pollution around the world. We encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic whilst promoting bag tax laws to be introduced to states and nations.

Some say we were behind the introduction of the 5 cent bag tax in Boston, USA.

The journey of this project opened my eyes to the real world-wide issue of waste and the unconscious consumption of plastic. Only recently has the media focused on the situation and there hasn’t been a better time to inform people on how they can make little changes that have big impacts.