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Have an App idea?... Here's what to do next to move fast...

You have an idea? Amazing! Not many get to this very first stage so don't underestimate that. Ignorance is bliss but as a startup you need to know what's out there already for similar solutions to yours and brands! You’ve got to see who you’re up against. Create a google sheets or word document to copy and paste the info you find below to have a solid overview of the competitor landscape. We're looking for the leaders in the field to assess their USP's and what they're not doing that we can take advantage of and how to get validating fast. What to do next in 17 Steps... - Check what's out there - Check Brand Names - Create Online Presence - Start Validating This can easily be done in a day if truly focused... 1. Check the iOS & Android App Stores Type in exactly what it is you'd search to find the app you have in mind. Check the top 5 results. Screenshot and paste them into your document. Take note of the titles they're using in the first three screens to grab users attention. 2. Check App Reviews What are people loving and not loving? This is your AMMO to continue crafting a unique product to fulfil the perfect needs. Can you prove your assumptions? 3. Google your solution... Obviously right! Don't be scared. There will probably be something that exists that's similar but you need a full spectrum. Here you can also be inspired further into what you can integrate or maybe design styles you'll want to include. I'd also advise browsing Product Hunt.

Basic Research complete! Next... Choose Brand Name & Validate We now know what's out there and how we're going to be different so we've got to set up some foundations to start getting word out there and validate the concept. As this stage you can speak with me at to discuss the idea and consider getting some initial designs together which will help with the next stage. I have vast insights across the app space and can help to quickly visualise your concept and highlight any challenges or ideas for improvement. This is what I love to do. 4. Search desired brand name in the Appstore Is your dream name already used? We don't want to be stepping on anyones toes or get into legal disputes down the line. Of course you can google this too. 5. Check Brand name across socials Instagram / Tiktok / Twitter... 6. Check Domain names with brand name .com .co and Check they're available here with GoDaddy: 7. Check Trademarks in UK & USA Select technology classes 009 & 042 UK Trademark Search: USA Trademark Search: If your name's taken in these areas move on! Brainstorm some names and create a little group chat with some friends to see what they think on a list of 10 - 20 names and have them throw in suggestions. 8. Choose your final Brand Name! This can change so don't worry too much. But if you're set do this: Just choose something that represents what you're doing clearly so we can get on with the important task of validating. Love it? Apply for that trademark! UK - Do it yourself here for £170 USA - I Recommend Trademarkia: 9. Create Gmail address and social accounts Gmail: Example: It's free and lets you setup everything else you need. 10. Buy domain names and set up email Wix: I can do this for you at Domain name: FREE professional email if you wish: Use Zoho to have a professional looking email address attached to your new domain name.

11. Design your first app screens!

You'll be using these for validation, website and socials to get the ball rolling. You need a handful of professional looking hero screens to start.

Something to excite and get the vision across while letting people know you're serious about it.

12. Make a Simple Landing page To include: 1. Brand name 2. Highlight Problem 3. Solution and one liner 4. Who is it for? 5. Links to new socials 6. Contact form 7. Mailing list - see if you drive ign ups to validate your idea. 8. Blog area (write 3 or more simple blog posts about your industry area) This is all before you've touched a line of code we're testing if there's a general interest by traffic or sign ups. 13. Create top nine posts of your Instagram 9 Posts showing how the app could look with key messages and brand. Repost some content and build some interest. This is to create a professional looking presence before you start reaching out to potential users or customers. 14. Get DMing...

Start reaching out to users to see what they think of your plans! You can very cheekily find them by looking at the competitors followers. Or pages that would resonate with your audience. Work smart! Aim for about 30 - 50 responses to get a full picture. Share the first designs as images so super easy to get the point across. List all this down in a google sheets. Keep your DM's to the point!

"Hey Hannah! We're making this new app for X, what do you think??" Be prepared to follow up! Spot an email address on their page? Start shooting the same message. 15. Catch Calls Organise calls with anyone that seems truly interested. Interview them about the concept and really understand their problems more. 16. Assess Feedback & Polish Idea

So with this new presence on line and initial feedback we can go back to the drawing board if necessary and confidently know what we need to do to make an app with a serious shot of success. 17. Finalise Design & Build the app

With all this together we're in the perfect place to know exactly what the app needs to do, how it should look and what we need to build first. With requirements and designs finalised we can give a full estimate on the app cost and how long it will take to unleash to the world! At this stage you can also build a pitch deck if you need to raise to make this happen. This will include the brand, app designs and new comments from validation. All key for securing investment pre-build. ********** Work with to make your App or pitch deck. I love the early stages of  app ideation and concepts. Making sense of your idea and visualising is what I do best while critiquing where necessary. I can do in-depth research and competitor analysis and consult with all the expereince I have to make sure the app we build is perfect from the start. Enjoy the journey! Contact Leo J Barnett HERE ********* More Essential Reading for App Founders: Having issues with development? Here's how to change app developers: How to find a tech co-founder (CTO) Everything you need to know: Have a genius app idea? Here's what you need to do to move fast: Wise app pre-launch marketing strategies to get a head start - Don't waste time: How to choose the right mobile app developer for your project: How to change youre deveopment partner or team: How to build an app for free in 2024: How to test and app in 2024: Low cost marketing techniues for app founders: How to fund your app: How to validate my app in 8 steps: Do I need a native app or a progressive web app?


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