Leo J Barnett

Mobile App Design & Development

I provide UXUI Design & Development talent for your mobile app projects. 

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Passionate about projects that have a positive social impact whilst empowering creativity.

A full-scale platform for browsing and hiring chefs to cook at your home.

Mobile & Web App  l  UXUI  l  Re-design  l  CMS  l  Admin Portal  l  Website

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Reeltime Apps
Featured Worldwide by Apple
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Reelshot Accolades.png
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A real-time video editing app.  Loved by Apple.  Advanced V1 launching soon.

Founder  l  Concept  l  UXUI  l  Branding  l  Funding

An end-to-end ordering and delivery platform for restaurants.

IOS & Android Apps  l  React Native  l  UXUI  l  Development  l  Web App

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Helsinki's #1 Vegan Donut shop & testing HQ for M01

Creative Director  l  Branding

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Join the countdown

Worldwide renewable energy data. Universally accessible.

Concept  l  UXUI  l  Branding

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Reeltime Apps
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A solution to more content being created than ever before. Launching end 2021

Concept  l  UXUI  l  Development  l  Branding

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Teach it, Learn it, Do it.

An events and booking platform to
connect the curious & like-minded.

A full-scale events discovery, booking platform and social network.

UXUI  l  Re-design l  Pitch Deck

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PinPoint Maps
Collaborative mapping, made simple.

A Collaborative mapping app built in React Native. Members of Geovation.

Concept  l  UXUI  l  Development