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Reading list for App Founders

Best thinking and management practises are seriously important in the industry to stay on top of the game. There's hundreds of books out there to guide you on your app journey but i've listed 5 of my classic favourites and must reads for App founders. I've highlighted why they're important and some key quotes from within.

1) Zero to One - Peter Thiel Founder of Paypal and general business/startup genius Peter Thiel outlines what it takes to build a successful startup and add serious value in the world. He proposes a methodology for spotting unique opportunities and what's essential to consider when building a team or company. Elon Musk approves too: "Peter Thiel has built multiple breakthrough companies, and Zero to One shows how." 2) PEERS INC - Robin Chase I love this book and it's the gospel for building platforms. Robin Chase is the founder of Zip Car and enormously passionate about the sharing & collaborative economy (As am I). She talks about the opportunity of harnessing the power of excess capacity and the perfect foundations for having a seamlessly functioning platform. Robin also presents how the collaborative economy can significantly positive effects for combatting climate change and thinking sustainably. Something every business should be taking into consideration, even if it is just an app. As well as this Peers Inc highlights the opportunity today to create "Micro Entrepreneurs" and why going open-source is the catalyst for evolution and innovation. Absolute must read for anyone working on app with a platform nature and something I ensure I apply to my client projects and with PinPoint.

3) Scale Up - James Silver Seasoned Experts & Founders lay down their thoughts, strategies and anecdotes throughout the book. Mainly targeted at founders well and truly in the app game and looking to grow or "Scale Up". There's some brilliant insight into how the founders of Just Eat marketed themselves in the early stages using lessons from previous employers CocaCola. It also touches upon the essentials to consider when raising investment such as where, how, who with and why you should. There's also a chapter on mental health in the startup world particularly aimed at founders and how they can stay focused without reaching burnout and generally losing their minds. It happens! 4) Brutal Simplicity of Thought - Maurice Saatchi Philosophy - Keep it Simple. "I was going to write a short letter but I didn't have the time." Essentially a picture book showcasing world & life changing inventions and discoveries that as the title suggests, are brutally simple. Never underestimate the power of less is more.

5) The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho Not another boring old business book, this is a fiction fairytale.... That's right! But a classic tale and book loved and praised by successful icons such as Madonna and Will Smith. Paulo Coelho beautifully narrates the story of a shepherd on a journey and paints the picture of the importance of journey itself and paying attention to the omens and signals life throws. The ultimate philosophy being if you want something enough the universe will listen. A light, powerful read. Let's not forget why we make these apps in the first place. Always keep your purpose in mind and enjoy the journey. Have you read any of these? I'd love to know. Leo


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