Reeltime Apps Ltd

Reeltime Apps Ltd & The Reelshot App

We want to empower creatives with all the tools they need to make fun, captivating content, fast. Simple, innovative and affordable solutions for everyone.

We've received funding with an amazing investment partner and have launched our IOS MVP. There's an exciting future for Reelshot and Reeltime Apps.


Collaborative Mapping made Simple.

It's Cross-Platform and built in React Native. Fall 2019.

Members of Geovation Hub - A workspace and community specifically for innovative companies in property and location.

First Roots

Engage your fans. Grow your Audience. 

A digital direct-to-fan platform to help independent and underground musicians grow their audiences organically using geo-tracking and social media.

The platform is curretly in Beta phase and we'd love your feedback.

Partnered with Surrey University and the Association of Independent Music.


Mapping Plastic Bag Pollution around the World.

A fun community and initiative which raises awareness towards single use plastics by mapping plastic bag pollution around the world. We encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic whilst promoting bag tax laws to be introduced to states and nations.

The journey of this project opened my eyes to the real world-wide issue of waste and the unconscious consumption of plastic. Only recently has the media focused on the situation and there hasn’t been a better time to inform people on how they can make little changes that have big impacts.

If you would like to collaborate on a project or hear more. Get in touch.